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Stone Cold Sober
I never wanted to do this. I want that to be clear. I know when they get me they'll accuse me of wanting it –of getting off on it. Well, that's not true. I never once got off on any of this. I mean, hell, I can't even watch a scary movie without hiding so how could I have wanted this? They won't listen to me defend myself, though. They'll call me a monster – a raging bitch. They'll spew all of that negative women hating poison that Fox News pumps out every day. Nancy Grace will call for me to be lynched and poor suburban housewives will get tired of seeing my menacing mug shot on the news every night.  Facebook will have group after group claiming I should be shot. Social justice bloggers will turn on me, declaring me the antichrist, while Columbiners will hail me as the second coming.
Yes, I know all of this. But still, I never wanted it.
It's not like I meant for this to happen. It's not like I woke up today thinking "I'm going to rid the world of them all." I did
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Latula Pyrope by Skin-Less Latula Pyrope :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 0 0 Break Heads by Skin-Less Break Heads :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 0 0 Meenah! by Skin-Less Meenah! :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 1 0 Stuck at Home by Skin-Less Stuck at Home :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 0 0 Vriska loves CN, right? by Skin-Less Vriska loves CN, right? :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 2 0
Find Me
The room they're keeping me in is cold
And their incessant torturing is growing old
They chained me up for being bold
But do they honestly think that I will fold?
I struggle with these monocles until I bleed
I stitch my mouth shut, refusing to feed
I won't give them the information they need
So they cut me down, relishing in the deed.
Their disfigured mouths say ugly things
Their sick minds seek to break my wings
They squeeze my heart until it sings
Out for your touch to stop these stings
I won't break, even with their gun to my head
Because I know they want you dead
I picture you safe, asleep in our bed
I hold the image close with the words you said
They seems to know the thing that keeps me strong
And they've memorized the tune to my song
And they tell me now that it won't be long
Until they punish me for the things I've done wrong
Their forked tongues try telling me to repent
Treacherous serpents pretending to be heaven sent
I'm starting to realize what my mother meant
When she said
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Meenah by Skin-Less Meenah :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 0 3 Super Hipster! by Skin-Less Super Hipster! :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 1 0
'You Should Know That I Hate You More Than Anyone'
Do you even have a heartbeat?
Everyone knows that you've got hips
But your writing is no longer neat
and your words still sting like whips
Your hair still hangs in your eyes
and God knows that you're not sorry
Crack your spine with the weight of your lies
Not a soul believes your story
Do you think you're fucking clever
with your smile and your skin?
You sit there crying "Never would I ever!"
While wearing the evidence of your sin.
I would break you down if I could
and Sweeite, I do mean you harm.
Beat and bruise you, like they would
You're such an unlucky charm.
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BatB collection by Skin-Less BatB collection :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 1 2 Mad, Impossible Amy Pond by Skin-Less Mad, Impossible Amy Pond :iconskin-less:Skin-Less 0 2
Maybe she should've left early
Party favors, parlor tricks
Blurry eyes and verbal ticks
Footsteps sound down vacant halls
With music pulsing through the walls
All the while, she doesn't think
Of what could be in her drink
Clever boys grab her arm
Not to help, but to harm
Bruises bloom where finger tips
Forced themselves on resisting hips
Disoriented, she won't fight back
So, encouraged, they continue their attack
The next hall over, full of life
Too fucked up to help her strife
So alone
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Show me a better way
One night, unforgettable
One thing, so regrettable
Pink pumps and tight jeans
Red lips and ripped knees
Her hands, so cold
Her profession, so old
My will, so weak
Tongue-tied, couldn't speak
Chasing the white rabbit
Forming a new bad habit
Fingers dig into hips
Teeth bite into lips
My eyes did bind
Vivid details in my mind
Smokey eyes and spinning walls
Rocky voices and whispered calls
Nails black, powder white
Hair loose, clothes tight
Eyes closed, not enough
I want to leave but no such luck
Down the rabbit hole, too late now
One night showed me how
To lose myself and my future too
I need it now, nothing I can do.
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Mad World: A Hatter's Tale
Drinking tea was the only joy the Hatter had in life. Ever since the whole time fiasco, everyday had been the same for him. Well, sometimes people would stop by – like curious little brats whining about being lost or royalty – but for the most part, the Hatter's life was the exact same every day. And today was no different.
He awoke – or so, he assumed he woke up- with a newly made hat in his hand. He examined it and then deemed it worthy to grace his mercury-addled head. It fit perfectly atop the hat that was already there. He stood from his stool and grabbed his red velvet vest from the coat rack by his work station. After looking it over he shrugged it on over his pinstriped shirt, miraculously keeping his hats on. He rolled up his cuffs and began looking for his white gloves.
"Now where did I put them?" He asked himself in French. He paused for a moment; he was truly unaware that he could speak French.
"Well, they could possibly be in the last place you left them." T
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Mad World excerpts?
He sat down before her, in a worn out chair that hadn't been there before. He propped his miss matching boots up on the table, crossed at the ankles; she watched as mud dripped slowly from them onto the patchwork table cloth. He pushed his hat up so she could see his eyes – one sky blue and the other a dangerous green (for now, at least) - and then neatly folded his hands in his lap. "Alright, Cricket, I'll tell you all you want to know…if, and only if, I feel like it. I'm very well likely to just make up half of it on a whim as I go along, understand?"
She considered this as she reached out and gripped the half of the tea cup in front of her, the liquid mysteriously suspended in mid-air, "Understood. But, you should know by now that my curiosity is never satisfied."
He gave her a Cheshire Cat grin, "Oh, believe me, I know."
"So, start from the beginning and when you get to the end: stop." Alice prompted.
"Yes, you inpatient girl, I'm getting to that."  He he
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My manuscript for my novel Just Friends is up on this site called Swoon Reads. They take manuscripts for "Swoon-worthy" Young Adult novels and have them up for people to read, rate, and review. After a period of time, they consider a few for publication. RIGHT NOW is the time to tell them which novels you want to see! So please Read and review my novel Just Friends (synopsys below): 

When you're in love with your best friend there's nothing more terrifying than crossing that line.

After a devastating break up, Little-Miss-Like’s-Having-A’s Jenny Wessler is a total wreck. Only her best friend, sarcastic Chance Masters, can help her through it. As graduation draws near, college acceptances start rolling in, and rumors run through the school, Jenny is forced to come to terms with her feeling for her best friend. Were they ever even “just friends” to begin with?

Chance has been in love with Jenny since 8th grade. Their habit of making up stories about their past doesn’t help the matter. After her boyfriend ditches her, Chance finds himself struggling with his feelings more than ever. With his parents gone, his brother’s wedding, and a secret about his future, Chance has a lot of choices to make. The most important being: does he really want to risk losing Jenny?


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I love to draw. I love to write.
I'm in my first year of college.


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